About Us

“Yoga does not change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees”

BKS Iyengar

Sky Yoga Planet holds to the fact that Yoga is a way to channelise our energy to gain physical and mental well being. The stress, the tension, the anxiety are the part and parcel of the modern lifestyle. Yoga is all about being able to eradicate these evils. Sky Yoga Planet was established with the very same aim. We at Sky Yoga Planet gather that the sync between mind and soul is the perfect way to healthify yourself. A group of enthusiasts who are on the mission to make a change by uplifting one of the oldest science, Yoga in the modern world.

We Sky Yoga Planet is an organisation with the purpose of making yoga popular for the youth, for students and also for working professionals. The Yoga workshops at Sky Yoga Planet intend to introduce the youth to the various forms of Yoga and expose them to the benefits of practising Yoga. People do read about how Yoga has changed lives, but still refrain from indulging in yoga practices thinking it requires a great amount of time. Sky Yoga Planet is here to break open this myth and empower people to embrace this effective and effortless way of living.

The trainers and mentors at Sky Yoga Planet walk you through the lifestyle yoga demands presenting before you the pathway to physical and mental well being. Right from different forms of yoga, different postures, to diets we make sure that we bring forth everything and anything about yoga. Sky Yoga Planet is all about Yoga for the youth by the youth.