Welcome Line— Yoga is well known to implant physical benefits, but Yoga is much more than that. The nature of yoga is to brighten the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body. It heals your body from the ongoing mental chaos taking your body and mind away from fires



Yoga is a dance between Control and Surrender. As Sky Yoga Planet, we aim to amalgamate health-fitness and mindfulness. We managed to do so by being influenced by so many Great Sages from our transcended tradition, modern practitioners, as well as thinkers, most of them, reflect in our expressions of teaching. Over the years in the natural evolution of the School, we have observed Yoga as a practice of disciplining body and mind.

Hatha Yoga

The Sanskrit word हठ haṭha literally implies “force”. Hatha ordinarily refers to the practice of intense physical yoga postures. Hatha practices are intended to straighten and calm your mind, body and spirit in readiness for meditation.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a technique yoga identified by stringing yoga positions together so that you transit from one to another, effortlessly, using breath.  It is also referred to as “flow” yoga, in common language because of the smooth way that the postures run together.

Aroma Yoga

How about blending the mighty mindful movements, breathing exercises, meditations fused with the remedial standard of essential oils uniquely intended to help you to let go off what no longer is needed by your body, mind and soul.  Consequently, allowing you more peace of mind, stimulus, spur and joy.

Intuitive Yoga

Often in our lives, we follow our intuitions and gut feelings. Yoga gives you that very liberty while you do up rounds to gather peace and energy. Intuitive Yoga, which is the practice of gently guiding into a posture and then allowing you to intuitively transform on to other postures, at your own speed in your own terms. This is the type of yoga, where you are the master of your own peace and thoughtfulness.

Kundalini Yoga

An elevating fusion of spiritual and physical practices, Kundalini Yoga subsumes movement, effective breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of sacred mantras Kundalini yoga is supposed to be derived from Kundalini, which is described as the energy that rests at the bottom of the spine until it is stimulated, by the practice of yoga, and channelled upward through the chakras in the means of spiritual completion. 

Ashtanga Yoga

A ashtanga yoga practice, with each pose held for a couple of minutes, may evoke feelings of impatience or stagnation. It can also be humbling, causing us to feel startlingly weak and shaky in the poses we’ve been practising for years with ease. And yet, the challenges inherent in slowing down are invaluable.

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Know Yourself Course

Rishikesh Uttarakhand

8:00AM   5:00PM    COST $150

The starting course for Buddhist practices is a great way to try free sessions of meditation practices, yoga lessons, mindfullness lectures and more.




Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh

8:00AM   5:00PM    COST $150

The starting course for Buddhist practices is a great way to try free sessions of meditation practices, yoga lessons, mindfullness lectures and more.



Annual Vesak ceremony

Manali Himachal Pradesh

8:00AM   5:00PM    COST $150

The starting course for Buddhist practices is a great way to try free sessions of meditation practices, yoga lessons, mindfullness lectures and more.



I LOVE Sky Yoga Planet! They have a nice selection of classes at a good variety of times, plus the special events are really fun. The instructors are all nice.

Numbers Speak

True Group won numerous accolades and awards from the various prestigious bodies over the years.

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Years of Experience

Akash is a wonderful instructor weather it is yoga, pilates or facial movement, he is knowledgeable, gentle and pays attention to everyone’s needs.

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Happy Clients

His mastery of form, flow, music, and meditation creates a yoga setting that encourages each participant to push themselves to the peak.

Programs & Training's

Regular Games sessions are held for Classes Transition to IV in Sky Yoga Planet which help bring up healthy and happy pupils.


The very first step in Yog tells you to recline, relax your body and mind. Liberate yourself to feel the change, feel the buoyancy that practising Yoga brings in.


Yog expedites a sense of recreation, a sense of emancipation that leaves you renewed and restored throughout.  restored throughout.  


The mind and body desires for peace and when peace comes along, Yog gives catalyses a sense of refinement the state where one stands unblemished


A body and a soul is bequeathed with the enlightenment that Yog brings along. It empowers you to stand above all complaints and lets you feel alive, once again.

Benefits of Yoga​

With western science starting to put out clues on how Yoga in Daily Life offers a wide range of benefits, be it physical, mental or spiritual it is absolutely impossible to ignore the valuable effect Yoga has on our health.

  • Works towards increasing flexibility and muscle strength.
  • Improvement in the circulatory and respiratory system
  • Helps in maintaining a balanced metabolism and hence weight reduction
  • Helps in cleansing the mind which helps improve focus
  • Known to promote mindfulness and boosts confidence
  • Helps in teaching self-control and discipline
  • Improved athletic performance.
  • Protection from injury.

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

Akash is a true yoga teacher. He teaches "real yoga". His classes don't focus on just the physical posture, but on the mental/ spiritual well being of his students. I leave his classes both zen and energized simultaneously. I'm so glad I found his!”
Ashish Gupta
Exotic India Escapes
“Akash's teaching style is a wonder to me because he is able to keep it fresh every time. His yoga classes are sprinkled with humor and the unexpected. His directions are inclusive, honoring each participant ownership of their own practice
Sumit Khanna
Akash is one of the rare few practitioners who is not just teaching a class and not just doing a job. Akash is living his practice and shares his learning and gift of peaceful presence with his students India
Krishna Sharma