“A good teacher instils the love of learning, implants knowledge and inspires hope of living”

Yoga teaching has become a popular profession in today’s time. While there are a lot of training programs that one can take up to pursue a career in Yoga teaching. Online Yoga Teacher Training is one of them. With the world being governed online, this proves to be a good forum where one can learn the depth of magnificent science, Yoga

Acquiring yoga training online can be a great tool. Online training just like the offline one, can help you to go wider into your practice through theory. The mentors are experienced yogis and practitioners who have the tendency to answer all questions asked. A lot of exams, writing yoga lesson plans, essays and also your own video that you get to submit will prove your worth.

There are a lot of benefits when we talk about taking up Online Yoga Teacher Training like:

Benefits of Online Yoga Teacher Training

Time and proper schedule can be considered a hindrance in learning any course or training. To curb this, a lot of us go for online training. Traditional yoga teacher’s pieces of training can be time taking as most of the programs last for months and require an extensive presence.
Many trainings need an entire day in the studio or training facility, and for many people, that’s simply not possible with their super busy schedules. That’s when taking a yoga teacher training online could be needful for those who need a relatively more flexible program.
Another advantage of yoga training online, in particular, is the customized program. A customized program recognises each individual to work at the pace that works best for their learning style as well as one’s schedule.
Subsequently, having continued access to the video content is an added opportunity to get a refreshed with the lessons anytime throughout the training. This allows students to continue revising and thus deepening their knowledge and understanding.

Drawbacks of Online Yoga Teacher Training

A lot of people do prefer the traditional way of teaching and learning. They are of the belief that traditional methods create an environment which gives them better learning and understanding. Many people learn best by hands-on reinforcement. Plus, you might lose on to the discipline that is needed in online learning.
Another consideration is students’ strength to self-motivate and keeping glued to the tasks that they take up. While a self-paced program can be a blessing for some, it could also be damaging for those who do not work best with deadlines, due dates, and being held accountable.

Online Yoga Teacher Training- Is it worth it?

Conclusively, the answer is based on the individual, what the individual thinks and what best suits for him. For some, having the sense to complete a yoga teacher training online may be the only pragmatic way to get certified. Others might choose to get certified online for the convenience factor since it’s easier to fit as per their schedules. For others, learning online might not sound very engaging. They may favour the face-to-face synergy and sense of community.
To take up your decision and lock it, it’s critical to weigh your options, have your research, done, compare different programs. Ultimately it is the person who needs to be well aware of what is best suited.
No matter what way one chooses to learn, it is the knowledge and the perseverance to be true to the ancient science and make the world learn the way to sync the body and the mind and live in peace.