Yoga For Children/Kids

Kids these days have to deal with a lot of day to day activities. Schools, tuitions after schools, extracurricular activities etc. Being a kid is no kid’s play in today’s time. In the times today when children are loaded with so many activities, it is very common for them to feel tired all the time. No amount of exercise can really help. This is where Yoga for children comes into play. Yoga is known to benefit each and everyone and children are also known to benefit from it.

Adults are somewhere accustomed to stress. For children, stress is slowing building up, they are getting to learn about it with very little knowledge of the ways of handling stress. They don’t even realise when stress and strain pick on them. Yoga for children helps in providing with an effective approach to help manage their emotions and eventually reduce stress without even the kids realising it.

Here are some astounding benefits that yoga has got to offer to the children

1. Yoga helps in Improving Memory

Yoga is known to help in improving memory and cognitive functioning of the mind. It does so by helping your child create an environment by making you relax your mind and focus more. Practicing yoga demands the convergence of both the mind and the body. There needs to be sync in between the body postures and the state of mind. Some yoga poses are to increase body balance. When kids practice yoga, they practice the art of focussing on everyday task as well. Learned focus encourages them to perform better in academics and non-academics performance.

2. Yoga regulates a Quality Sleep

Getting down to do some physical activity before bedtime ensures sounder sleep. When we tend to be preoccupied with something else, getting down to sleep is a tougher task. Constantly thinking about something reduces the ability to sleep. This holds for kids as well. Indulging in yoga stimulates kids to reduce stress by using their breathing to calm the mind and their nervous system. The physicalities of yoga also help to lighten pressure and release negative emotions, helping to fall asleep faster and for a longer duration.

3. Yoga helps in increasing Determination and Perseverance

Yoga is a relatively fun activity for kids, in an environment that is without competition. When something is enjoyable for kids, they are always charmed and want to know more. Yoga can be fun as well as difficult for kids. Nevertheless, once these children learn art, they are ever ready to show off their skills. This determination and perseverance is clearly shown off. With yoga, in day-to-day lives, children learn that sticking on to something, even when it seems difficult, pays off.

4. Yoga helps in Improving Independence and Coping Skills

We might see a bunch of children doing yoga in a large studio in schools, it actually is both social and physical activity. Practicing yoga clears what “Individual” and “social” means. Yoga is an exceptional way to introduce independence among the children because of the fact that what they get to learn is really theirs to keep. As the level of independence in practice increases, it helps kids to develop their coping skills which in turn would be of great use when these children grow up. Practicing yoga will give you a perspective which will make you independent and help you cope up with adverse situations even without guidance.

5. Yoga Promotes Mood Lifting

Like any other physical exercise, practicing yoga helps children get off their negative thoughts and feelings if any. It brings out mental clarity and thus feel better about oneself. While doing some physical exercise, such as yoga, our body releases endorphins, creating happiness around. Yoga is after all a fun activity in which kids can be foolish, trivial and play games being themselves with their friends.
Yoga benefits every individual no matter what age group they fall into. The science of yoga is such. Sky Yoga Planet strives to provide yoga for each and every age group opening doors to a spiritual world for all.  Yoga for Kids